Sure as shootin,’ I don’t remember this shot. Ha ha. Bird feeder. But,  who are these little yellow guys? I do not remember ever seeing them at our feeder. And surely, I would have taken their picture had they been there to feed. Ha ha. And, I shot it with my trusty Canon G7 point and shoot. Wow! Sometimes I even surprise myself.

So this shot was made thru a window. For all I know the screen may have been there too. The screen would have cut down on the sharpness of the image. But you would still have a decent image. Lighting is key. It is bright sunlight. Therefore the image is just that much more sharp. The f stop is large and there is increase in sharpness thru the smaller aperture. And the shutter is automatically fast. I got lucky. I shot this? Well, I am better than I sometimes suppose. Shoot away. Otherwise there is/was nothing to talk about…

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