Pecking order

Not many people have seven cats. Don’t ask. Colleen arrived with three. I am helpless in the pet store whenever we buy food. Call it “tryouts.” A lot of cats fail. Some do not.

Our merry band gets along after a fashion. There is no battle for food or water but there is a pecking order. Elle is our oldest cat and the cat most afraid of her bigger companions. Peas is one of the younger cats, our “victim” picked upon by the older cats. Nutley is a “tank.” He is large, no one picks upon him. Tillie is crazy. We’re all afraid of her. Dare I mention Colleen adores her?

Yes, our merry band keeps us entertained, alert, and on our toes to spot any altercation.

Timing and patience. Ya gotta be there with a camera. Do cats get bored? Or do they get used to me with camera in hand? I wait. It is not as though I can ask Tillie to be fierce?! And, no, they do not look into my lens with adoring gazes. I have to be patient. Mostly, my cats are looking elsewhere or they are asleep. Hey! It ain’t easy….

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