Got some? When lisa and I separated it was no surprise. Her mom wondered aloud to Colleen the first time she met her, “I don’t know how they were together. They were never a matched pair.” Umm, you can’t make this shit up. And Jules had and has issues….

Happy. I do not speak of my personal life or relationships. Much. It is pretty obvious that I am taken by Colleen. After all she chose me back in the third grade. Slow! I am just a slow learner to have discovered her depth of affection from so long ago only just so recently.

But I’m holding on and never letting go. She hugs me tight and says, “Mine! All mine!!”

Guilt? Sure, on so many levels there is plenty of guilt to go all around. The good and bad are spread out all over here. But I’m with Colleen now and forever.

Note: Categories and Tags – “Family.” Yes, we are.

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