I could use one right about now. Yup. Schmaltzy! Nothing wrong with that! I only wish I had it too. ?! And, I do! So, it makes me smile. It’s not a good pic… it’s a great pic! It illustrates perfectly my point. ? Is there a point? Yes, I bet this made you smile too.

Critical? Well, the pose is not flattering. But the point was to make me smile in finding it among all the other ones I did not choose to post today. It works for me!

Stop the car

Colleen’s a good sport. Lisa (first wife) was not. Shhhh… Colleen doesn’t care for me to mention “her” name. You see where this is going? Ha ha! I stop – the car – for photo-ops. A lot! …well not so much anymore. No need! I developed a technique to shoot on the go! Oh no! Well, sometimes. Colleen has actually gotten pretty good at shooting bridges on the go. It’s do it or I do it. She prefers…. See, control is a subtle issue with any couple. Ha ha, again. Well, one can shoot wide, medium, or tele. Just zoom in and out. Don’t try this while driving kids. Leave it to the experts. I do it without looking. And I hope for the best. And I am lucky sometimes. I have a very understanding wife. I have a wife who helps. And so we get along so well… As the song goes – Love Is Better, the Second Time Around.

Must be…

… a parade or some‘in. Don’t mess with mama. Once again, street photography. Ok ok! A boardwalk. And the bikini is none too flattering. Or, maybe… Bored? Me? I shot what I saw. The bikini made me pause. I am not curious enough to see the date or place to discern what the context might be. I would guess it was our Labor Day parade. I just got to say, “Does your mother know what you wore outside today?”


Which came first – climate change or the geographic move to a warmer clime? Since we came there has only been a single blizzard in which our car did not “go.” It’s not good to tempt Mother Nature… yet I am waiting. We really don’t see winter of old where the snow falls and the winter wonderland outside is so peaceful in shades of gray. Color is all around us. It ain’t Florida. But, still, we are rarely snow challenged. Good. I guess.

High contrast – that is to say very bright to very dark. Bright sunlight can take shadow and light to extreme. This is not flattering for faces. In other instances it is hardly noticed. And, other times the bright contrast is an added dimension to the picture. Keep it in mind, and, make your wife look good. She’ll thank you. You’re welcome!

This weekend is Fire and Ice, a display of ice sculptures in town, a festival to make folks stroll and tour the town. Ha ha. It’s due to rain and be about 50 degrees. Have fun.

The other

The other – granddaughter – is in an exclusive choir. She had solo roles. Successful! Are we proud?!! No photos allowed. I figure during “curtain call” it’s ok to shoot? No names. Oops! I had an image of the program and child’s name. Nope! We’ll skip names, ya can’t be too careful nowadays.

When my kids were little, everything was equal. Equal billing, equal food, equal praise… It sure is nice to see kids successful.

One shot

Your kid is in the performance of the Nutcracker. Get a picture – a worthy picture. I have to admit that the shots from iPhone that circulated were better than mine. My flash was balky, the light was poor, and my composition was way bad. How could I have failed? Gee! Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. You keep coming back to try for perfection. I just wish that I had not failed so publicly! Decent, just not very good. I can do better. I can, just not tonight. Sorry, honey.

Black cat

Midnight, the cat, is an only cat who prowls his house silently. I am always surprised by his presence as he appears out of nowhere to stare at me. In this case he was staring thru his cat door down the stairs at me. I was able to pull out my camera in time to capture the contrast. And I was lucky enough to get an image.

Black cat, try to get an image. There is very little contrast. Focus?…on the eyes. Yeah, good trick. Detail?…hardly. Hey! It’s not my cat!

New Trick

You cannot teach new tricks as you drive along. Do not try this at home!

I saw the sunrise behind us as we drove along. I could see it in our rear view mirrors. Colleen does not know how to manually focus my camera. I could not teach her on the fly. She tried. We failed…from her side mirror. I was a bit more successful from my side. It is a matter of knowing where you want the camera to focus and then doing it. Got it? simple!

It’s not as easy as it seems and Colleen is definitely not at fault. She simply had never tried to manually focus the camera. And I suppose she did not understand the subject at hand was the sunrise. Plus, the lighting was extreme contrast. And… You need a bit of experience. And luck! I got it from my side.

What will you save?

Yes, you will save a picture of your dear wife. It’s sentimental. The kids will surely appreciate it. A loom? Without context or explanation, it is a picture non sequitur. What? Why? Where?

The first picture is an instant keepsake. Me? I got a lotta pics in the catalog. Who’s gonna mine for the keepers?


Wandering thru my catalog I found these. Where are we? Ha ha. Of course! (Shhh, I had to consult the database.) It’s Scotland. An abbey, I knew it all along. Colleen likes to wander. She loves old places, history and that sort. I indulge her. Life would be so boring otherwise. Harps and swords and gargoyles, oh my! Do I look happier for this dose of culture? I adore Colleen. I shall always adore her. I adore…

The sky is overexposed. It’s easy to do. It can be fixed somewhat in Lightroom. It is the people who count. Exposure in a dark castle can be a challenge. Today’s digital cameras are prepared to compensate in low light. But it cannot compensate if the dynamic range is from too bright to too dark. It is good to know that the brain (photographer) is still necessary in the equation.