We got old. Older?! Eric and I have not seen each other in a few years. His dog tried to eat my cat last time we saw each other. The dog also ate my cake. Eric was allergic to cat and nearly could not breath at all sleeping in our spare room. On so many levels….we just did not see each other. Time heals. We saw each other at thanksgiving. The vest? Christmas present from Christmas past. It was so long ago… and I just kept it all those years. We did not grow. Just older.

Colleen took the picture. Press the shutter and fire. She knows the drill. Press the shutter a few times. My problem? The automatic settings got changed and ISO was not fast enough. There was some blur. My bad. The buttons get touched and the settings change. It is too easy. There is no lock on the settings. We got a shot. It’s been a long time. If we wait too long….

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