Twas the night before…. It was but a year ago…. eight cats! Seven now. Ray is gone too soon. Sudden death. He died in my arms. CPR was unsuccessful on my beloved cat. At least he did not die alone. Too soon. Christmas is a time of celebration. Colleen and I celebrate each day our good fortune to have found one another in this life and to share the marvelous highs … and the lows. Nutley remains beloved. We cherish each day. It all means so much more lately when I hug Colleen. Unspoken. Beloved. Peace on earth, good will toward men. All the best to you and yours.

Family group. Who knew it would be so poignant a year later. Fun. Sure. Documentary. I did not know going into this season there would only be seven cats. Hold them close and hug them tight.

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