Back in 2013

When my kids first dove with me (the one and only time), I was sure to document our adventure. Yes, it is an outstanding memory. It is for sure a bonding memory of activity my kids and I shared. We skied, we hiked Bear Mountain… At least I was part of their life. Priceless.

More underwater photography in natural lighting. One deals with the blue tint. There is always some murkiness. It is seen in the background. Nonetheless it is a priceless photo of both kids and our diving experience.


Puffer fish. They are all around the reef. As with all fish they do not want you near them much less touching or holding them. Some of my dive buddies are quicksilver. They caught this guy, handed him over to me, and took my picture. Yeah, neat!!

Natural light, a bit overexposed, but enough to catch the idea and detail needed.


Voila! Hooked! Not in the fishing sense… ha ha. When I first dived, I about immediately fried a camera as water damaged a waterproof camera fatally. Yeah, neat trick. Diving in the Red Sea, first I had to learn the basics of scuba diving. After that I had a dinky waterproof housing for my Canon G12. I used the flash on the reef with a lion fish. Voila!!! Oh my! Color!! The richness of color of the fish and the coral was an instant narcotic. I was hooked! I got better and better. And then I left the Middle East and have not dived since. Oh well.

Flash! It is the key element to taking out the poor color underwater. Light drops off as you dive deeper. And red is gone very quickly. Flash. It is the only thing to save you. Batteries! You need a lot of power to sustain you. I shoot a lot. After all it is digital.


We got old. Older?! Eric and I have not seen each other in a few years. His dog tried to eat my cat last time we saw each other. The dog also ate my cake. Eric was allergic to cat and nearly could not breath at all sleeping in our spare room. On so many levels….we just did not see each other. Time heals. We saw each other at thanksgiving. The vest? Christmas present from Christmas past. It was so long ago… and I just kept it all those years. We did not grow. Just older.

Colleen took the picture. Press the shutter and fire. She knows the drill. Press the shutter a few times. My problem? The automatic settings got changed and ISO was not fast enough. There was some blur. My bad. The buttons get touched and the settings change. It is too easy. There is no lock on the settings. We got a shot. It’s been a long time. If we wait too long….

Self conscious

How do you get a good family shot? Mostly people freeze up and are self-conscious as soon as they see me pick up the camera. We see Noa infrequently. When we do I have a camera in hand continuously from greeting till we say “bye.” There is no self-conscious. I am just continuously shooting. Sometimes it works. It sure did this time.

Posing immediately places pressure on your subject. They are obligated to perform. Simultaneously get three subject to pose? Oh my! But there are moments of happiness and if you are lucky it translated onto your camera sensor. I still consider it luck to draw out smiles and to get three in synch is nearly a miracle.  But I never give up trying.


Well, Colleen is certainly happy. That’s what caught my eye. Her smile is infectious; I’m smiling too, looking back on it now. And fall? Unmistakable color! Side by side? The images were side by side in my catalog. Ah! My editing placed them thus because of the ratings I assigned. Both make me smile. So, yes, related.

Fall color, it’s bright reds, orange, yellows made more so by the brilliant shining sun and blue skies. This would be quintessential fall color in my book. Selfies. The camera does it all automatically. You gotta settle for the focus point the camera chooses. Imperfect. But it carries the point of the shot. Happiness.


Twas the night before…. It was but a year ago…. eight cats! Seven now. Ray is gone too soon. Sudden death. He died in my arms. CPR was unsuccessful on my beloved cat. At least he did not die alone. Too soon. Christmas is a time of celebration. Colleen and I celebrate each day our good fortune to have found one another in this life and to share the marvelous highs … and the lows. Nutley remains beloved. We cherish each day. It all means so much more lately when I hug Colleen. Unspoken. Beloved. Peace on earth, good will toward men. All the best to you and yours.

Family group. Who knew it would be so poignant a year later. Fun. Sure. Documentary. I did not know going into this season there would only be seven cats. Hold them close and hug them tight.

Fine and good

Have you had a lifelong dream to visit a place in the world? Scotland. Colleen’s dream came true and we found ourselves immersed in the countryside of Scotland. We were hither and yon chasing her dreams and whims. Yes, there was a flock of yellow sheep. We never did quite find out if it was a prank or whether there was true purpose to this unusual photo op. The images could be anywhere but the brands and stores kind of tip you off if you are worth your Sherlock Holmes.

Travelogue. You collect images and try to represent a brief picture of but a moment in time. Once done we look forward to a return. We were sidetracked longer than we anticipated – Covid. But soon enough we will be back to see what we saw and to find new adventure.

Digital memory is inexpensive. Shoot early and often. I shoot all kinds of things. From dawn to dusk any subject is fair game. In a day I shoot as many images as I might have in a two week vacation with slide film. $$ I was always aware of cost. Keep shooting. it’s all fine and good.


Nothing is ever lost. It just goes missing. And, then, you find it! Right?!

Right before the holiday – it doesn’t matter which – we/I cleaned. I straighten. Cleaning is another story. But I came across my Canon G12 on the shelf. Dusty! I last used it back in 2017. Yeah, fallow for a long time. I could not find the battery charger. Eventually it showed up. But there was a lot of searching. And then I took a few pics. Really, the last time was in 2017. At one point this was my dive camera. And then it was my bike camera. It hung on the strap on my neck as Colleen and I rode the neighborhood. Those were the pics on the memory card last in 2017. Found! Will I use the camera more? It feels so quaint and ancient compared to my go-to cameras of now.

Nothing wrong with the images. It’s digital. It doesn’t go out of style. And who can tell the camera that took these pics. You don’t need anything special. Why, an iPhone would be just fine! Ha ha!


I have posted about her before. Jules named her. She was a dove who nested on the sill of her bedroom six stories up in NYC exposed to predators. She bravely hatched several sets of eggs. They flew away. And then one day… Amelia returned with her extended family. At least twenty doves were there on my deck just gathered and soaking in the morning light. There was no doubt by the grouping that they all knew one another. Reunion. After that I never saw them again. Maybe they were all headed south?