Upstairs Downstairs

Winterthur: “The beautiful Montmorenci staircase, the largest circular free-standing staircase in the country.

We have visited many many times and toured the 175 room mansion. It is nine stories tall. The guides always point out the grandeur of the staircase. I never quite paid attention. We have only ever seen it from the ground floor. In this case ground is the fifth? floor as the home was built into a hillside. On this occasion we toured the eighth floor and got the view from the top.

And then I found pictures of up and down… stairs. It is a matter of keeping track of your images. I use a database. I have a Lightroom catalog. The database lists date, subject, place, and people. This information allows me to look for Winterthur and isolate the last visit. From there I had to remember I took a picture of the staircase. I do this in deference to the guides who always make certain to point out the staircase. It is old habit from taking notes in class.

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