Day job

I’m retired. No more hassle. I never had a boss. I was my own. Make no mistake, there were people over me with the power to steer my life. Largely, I went my own way. Better? Worse?

Enough! I got out on my terms. Luck was with me. I have an independent life. I go where I want. I do what I want. Would I do it differently?

Day job? Each day is a fortune cookie. You never know what it holds. Cats. I photograph my cats. Who cares? Who needs another cute cat picture? I don’t care either. But, it is my cat. And so, I get shots.

Rhyme or reason? I shoot with the eyes in mind. Focus. If you can get the eyes in focus… Hey! The difference between “yes” and “eyes” is the “e.” Go for it! My cats do not follow instructions. I press the shutter and hope for the best. Ha ha. It’s not quite that random, but, some days it seems that way.

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