I’m blind. At least I cannot see the picture before I take the image. That is to say, I cannot visualize quite what will work in the edit process and what would be a discard. Focus? I focus on different parts of the flower. I use different composition. Experiment: Try different things. Some work. Others don’t.

You’re scratching your head right about now. Or, you don’t get it. Or, you think my rambling is an old man just cogitating. For now my edit process is to look at the enlarged image on my Mac and go with my gut. If it looks good, it gets a star. If not, discard it. What really burns is that going back a few minutes later, you find stars you discarded. There’s no rhyme or reason. Nope, none at all.

Have I made any sense? What makes or breaks an image is what is in focus. Your eye goes to the part of the image in focus. The rest is background. I am directing your eye to the subject of interest by what I focused upon with my camera. Making sense now?

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