“G” key in Lightroom defaults to “grid” pattern in the Library. In any window on the Mac pressing the “g” key defaults to the file with that name. ??? Ok,, the name of this file is “IMG_0004.” So? Why? Why does it default to this image? It turns out to be the first image on my Canon G7X – ever. So? Dunno. Meanwhile I hit “g” when I meant to go to the image of Quinn that Jules took of us. Either way the image either image makes me smile. I’m sure glad that first image on the Canon G7X was a selfie. Happy! You bet! And I bet you don’t care much about my story of the “G” key.

In this instance I was unhappy with Quinn’s expression or of mine. So, I composited the two of us to get a good pose and smile on us both. ?? Photoshop, of course. I am shameless. I am not too good nor subtle about it. You might not notice unless I pointed it out. So?

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