When Lisa was still married to me, she was obsessed with equality among our kids. I guess she still is…. As for instance, she would count the gifts in their Xmas stockings to be sure the number was equal – as though they would count in comparison to one another. Oh brother! Or, oh sister! Ha ha. I suppose her sense of humor has not improved either. Oops!

So, big sister, the cute one, are there others? Follow me?!

Focus, smile, it’s infectious contagious – it makes me smile too. It ain’t perfect. Who cares? You get the idea. I’m happy. I’m happy! So many meanings. Am I being clear? Is the picture good? Illustrative? Breakfast anyone?

Little mermaid PJ’s. New! Ha ha. She’s never even seen the movie. Her mother (Jules) grew up with it and has seen it a thousand times. As soon as the package appeared, our “grand” opened it and donned the PJ’s. Good choice grandpa. Shhh, Colleen picked them. (I’m not entirely sure she (Colleen) has seen the movie either. Gee, I need improvement in pronoun clarity….

See? Question, statement, exclamation?

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