To the end

Cheers! Colleen adores Jessop’s Tavern. We have not been back in over a year. The last time we ate there service was dismal. We were abused. I swore to never return. So, we did it for Lee. She’ never been and the Shepard’s pie is legendary. We had a good experience. Every one of the wait staff has been replaced. Good or bad? It’s been tough during Covid. It’s still a nice place. There are others. We will never go back with frequency. …Colleen likes dark beer.

End? Toast? No, it is about the last event. All the summer guests are gone now. Peace reigns in the house. The cats are back in their routine. It’s quiet. The cooking is easy. Onward… to the next event.

One shot

Pick one. … to go with birthday wishes. Ummm, no card. Shhh… I forgot! Oh now! It will be a special day! We got all sorts of things planned. And to finish? Dinner in a favorite restaurant. I got it covered. A sentiment? Sure. I’m very lucky we met again. It was the third grade when we met. And then we parted for (decades) a very long time. Lucky. Sometimes life throws you rainbows. Happy birthday, my dearest.

Critique: Portrait. You want to try to be flattering. I used bounce flash. You get relative even lighting with less shadow. Composition: good. Smile: warm – like a hug. Background: it could be less cluttered. Focus: good. I could do better. This was a find after a quick perusal of the files in my catalog. Find one on the go!? Ha ha. It ain’t easy. Thankfully there were choices. Sorry, I didn’t get a card. I was remiss. We were never out where I was never alone to get one. But then a picture tells a thousand words. And there is little doubt I wish you the very best!


The best wedding you ever went to? The one after your own. Nothing to plan, nothing to go wrong, nothing to worry over…. just put up your feet and relax. The worst experience – the band canceled on the bride right before the reception. They got a better offer – to play at the Waldorf! Well, ok!

The same can be said for the hoards that descend upon us when you have a summer house at the beach. Then… you cook, clean, pick up, clean up, launder, shop, cook, repeat…. til … suddenly they are gone! Ah! Ha ha. We miss them one and all. But the solitude? Priceless!


… in the family. Colleen has a sister… she’s cautious and … Well, at least she will – reluctantly – pose. She is just one step shy of … What am I trying to say? Ha ha! In the making of this photo there was some skill and cooperation needed. I got an immediate response from one family member who commented that they appear to be anchored. Yeah, yeah, my original image cut them off at the ankles. It’s hard to miss. Did you also notice Lee switched positions left to right on the stairs as they went. Colleen pretty much pushed or pulled her up. Down? Nope, they were never coming back.


Why? … for fun. We go to a museum or gallery… this blank wall reminds me of modern art – Rauschenberg, Whilte Panel – MOMA $15 million in 2914, painted in 1951. I bet you didn’t know that! Moreover, do you care? Colleen’s got a sister in law, the very epitome of stick the mud of which I spoke. She would never get my sense of humor and fun. Her face would crack from the thought. In fact her hair style has not changed from the 50’s. Laugh?! Cry?! Honest! I seen a picture…. Ma??? We havin’ fun yet?


Well, folks, don’t do this. I shoot thru my car window, hence the tint. Clouds! Neat! Dramatic! The camera is set on auto. I use ?? 50mm lens setting. Fire away. You’ll get the hang of it pretty quick. Avoid traffic clutter and cars if you can. Bridges can be dramatic. And by the side of the road you can always see interesting stuff. But, the clouds are dramatic and deserve some credits. After all you will not see this formation again. What I shot is once and one of a kind. It’s humbling.

The best

Shhhh… the best wedding you go to is the one after your very own. You just put up your feet and enjoy…. No work! Enjoy!

Guests… gone. Your (our) cats are at peace once more. Cooking for two? As much fun as it all was for all the extended family, there was a lot of work and planning. There were a myriad of dietary restrictions sprinkled with … a load of leftovers if you guess wrong on what people eat. Quantity, quality, guessing, a new meal every night, you simply go to the market each day and hope it all comes out. We even battled Jane over tablecloth, place mats, and silver vs paper, plastic, and easier clean up. One night I scolded her for taking out every single glass in the cabinets. She cannot cook and does not clean-up. My my. When peace finally broke out again in our house… a flight was canceled and I was back to taking group pics… and cookiing! Ya gotta love it. Bonus: Webb photos were released and another damning January 6 hearing occurred on the same day. It made for interesting entertainment and juxtaposition. Cheers to Bruce, who arrived thru our open door unannounced… gotta lock that door more carefully.