Top Down View

Technical: Canon G11, 1/160 sec, f4.5, focal length 30.5

Hmm…. The settings are the same as the previous image. I don’t much bother with manual. It’s tough underwater to juggle the settings. Shooting fish is a challenge. I guess I like a side view to get the shape of the fish and one eye in focus. Traditional, catalog, fish book – plain vanilla image, and it’s kind of boring. I’m still just trying to get the hang of water, and the camera housing. So bear with me. Some fish are bottom swimming. Try to get a side view of this one, that’s tough. It’s better if they aren’t moving. Curiously my dive instructor doesn’t seem interested too much in shooting fish. And to me, shooting coral is like taking pictures of trees. It’s not too hard to shoot something that can’t move.

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