Technical: Nikon D90, 1/200 sec, f10, focal length 70

Susan, you got a nice fall shot. The colored leaves are unmistakable. I have personally shot many images like this one. None have stayed in my selected edit file. I think it’s because it’s too much of a snapshot. Nothing special. I’ve seen so many shots like this. Not to deflate your enthusiasm, but you’re a much better photographer. So go for a better shot. Look at the scene. And think what was special that made you pause. Is the scenic? Or is it a detail? I would guess it was the color and the contrast of red and green. Then, your mission is to bring that concept to the viewer and capture that idea. Anyway that’s just a thought. It’s a little early in the fall. You have plenty of time. Go shoot some more leaves. Even the leaves in the front yard can be a source of material.

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