NYC Public Library

Technical: Canon EOS, 1/10 sec, f3.5, focal length 10

People go to the library to read. Nowadays you can get internet access and freedom of speech lets you look at pornography while other patrons pass by. There is fine line between offensive and illegal. On the other hand if you don’t carry a camera with you, this will be a shot you will miss.

Here’s a great way to use wide angle perspective. David shot in mixed light and the color balance is pleasing. The off center composition leads you nicely to the pedestrians. I wonder if you might have experimented with a zoom lens. On a tripod with a zoom lens, you change the focal length as you take a long image. I recall you did this another time. The lines in this image would probably have made a good shot. Otherwise this is one fine shot. I would consider cropping the out of focus marble on the left. It’s distracting.

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