Angry Bird (of Paradise)

Technical: Canon EOS 7D, 1/8000 sec, f2, focal length 50

Just curious, David, why did you use 1/8000 shutter speed? F-stop 2 is shallow depth of field. But the bird’s eye is soft focus and might have been more effective in better focus. The background is softer so that the soft focus on the eye is not too bad. The image effectively translates your intent. I like it. Good pre-visualization of the final image you wanted.


1 thought on “Angry Bird (of Paradise)

  1. This flower reminds me of the popular game Angry Birds. I shot in aperture priority so shutter speed was chosen by camera. I took a few shots with increasingly wider aperture so as much of the “bird” was in focus with the background as blurred as possible. I tried focusing the “bird” front crown to beak. Since most of the crown was in same plane, having more stuff in focus seemed more pleasing than having just the eye or beak focused. Glad you like this photo.

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