Technical: Nikon D90, 1/100 sec, f4.8, focal length 52

What a nice shot, Susan. Good composition. I will add that it’s not necessary to see the whole head, which means that your crop was very good. For a long time, I always got my whole kid in the picture. It ain’t necessary. Cropping always makes things more focused and interesting. There is that caveat about cropping the hands and arms so that they look like they might be coming into the picture as a distraction. Not here, but sometimes the effect can make the limbs appear disjointed. I also like the background because the depth of field has blurred it. In sports you can’t always get that. You are shooting at the max focus distance so that everything tends to be in focus. It’s a good and bad thing. Oh, and I like the beads. Is it a girly thing because of his big sister. It happened to Dave a lot.


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