In The Image

Technical: Canon EOS 7D, 1/100 sec, f2.8, focal length 60

Wow! Nice shot. Good planning and pre-visualization. There’s a fine line between art and technique. Cousin David got it right on the money here. It’s unique enough for me to say that I haven’t seen this before. Good work!





5 thoughts on “In The Image

    • I think ( and I could be wrong) that cousin David shot this with the background leaves superimposed on the foreground plant. It was two different plants overlapped. Does it seem to make better sense now. To me it’s like the light bulb when I finally understand the lyrics of a song (can actually make out the words).

  1. I was watching TV and noticed house plant with new leaves coming out. I thought having small leave lined up with a big one might be interesting. After finding an angle, I mounted camera on tripod, placed small leave in lower 1/3 as Victor has explained, and used wide F-stop to blur the big leave in back. Metadata should show a 2 sec timer delay to reduce shake. This prime lens does not have image stabilizer / vibration reduction so I don’t need to turn it off while using tripod. Thanks for everyone’s comments.

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