Good Timing

Technical: Canon EOS 7D, 1/250 sec, f5.6, focal length 200

I am assuming that the title to this image refers to the train. It’s a sweet image and it reminds me of Japan for some reason. Cousin David will tell us where he shot it… probably somewhere in California. But it still reminds me of Japan. The composition is nice. There is a layering to the image with top, middle, and bottom all contributing and supporting the image. You’re definitely correct in that the image is brought together by the train passing through.


5 thoughts on “Good Timing

  1. I can’t figure out how the train holds the top and bottom together. I suppose it does, but I don’t see it. I can usually see what you’re talking about. Maybe my old eyes… 🙂
    I’ve missed a bunch of your posts because I haven’t felt well, but I am trying to catch up. Hope everything is going great in KSA. Don’t get eaten by a whale…

    • Gee, I hope things are OK health wise. No whales and no sharks. I saw baby (2foot) sharks at the fish market close by. My only question is about where the momma sharks are. We even did a night dive. No, the sharks aren’t out a night. In that sense, if your number’s up… In a school of fish the masses will live on. It’s the individual singled out for dinner by the shark who’s the loser. That’s why I swim with a buddy. I think he has more appeal (I hope).

      • Reminds me of the old cowboy saying: You don’t have to outrun the bull. Just outrun your buddy! 🙂 Do be careful. I worry about your adventurous spirit these days!

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