I am continually amazed by technology and its uses. A number of years ago a young woman won the NYC marathon. She literally came out of nowhere to win. She was aided by the NYC subway which transported her for part of her journey. The race organizers were so disorganized as to not notice that she was not on the entire race course.

Since then other runners have complained that their running time is miscalculated by the long wait to reach the start line. So now everyone receives a sensor. This automatically times your start and finish to officially be more accurate. You can’t take a bus, cab, or train. They measure the split times too. So why not photograph as you go. It’s a great way to make money for the event. It’s not perfect but it is a whole lot better than any one being there to photograph on the race course. It’s a long race and you simply can’t run up on the Westside Highway to start taking photos. Swim, bike and run, there were cameras set up to catch the participants along the route. That’s David. He trained for months and did pretty well in his first ever event. He never competed in high school or college in any organized team/individual event so far as I know. Now he and his sister have been competitors in NYC organized events. Congratulations Dave!

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