Color Balance Underwater

Technical: Canon G11, 1/400 sec, f2.8, focal length 6.1

Color correction will get you only so far. I know that the real color is orange red. So I color corrected in Photoshop. It’s a bit contrasty and oversaturated. By the way this pair of fish protect the coral in the background. They actually swim at you when you swim too close. On the technical side, I let the camera stay in auto mode for exposure and ISO. I also shot in wide angle. I held the camera in hand without using the viewfinder or LCD (street photography technique). You get a lot of misses. This is partly because there is a lag from the time you press the shutter and when the image is taken. It’s all in the timing. Composition is simply swimming as close to the fish as you can and fire before they swim off. Drifting into place with your hand out in front and camera turned toward the fish works most of the time. Everything, diver and fish, is moving simultaneously. So far my percentage of good shots is low.

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