Church on the Hill

Technical: Panasonic DMC ZS7, 1/320 sec, f4.5, focal length 25.9

If there is a time of day when we should not be shooting it’s high noon. For a lot of reasons, the harsh light and exposure difference from shadow to highlight overwhelms film and camera. That said, I take most of my pictures in this light. I just happen to be up and shooting. I’m there and don’t have the luxury of hanging out all day.

One of the things I really like is a bright blue sky. A polarizing filter can make this surreal. So the graphics in cousin David’s image are striking. The roof line is simple. The cross and globe provide a point of interest. Notice that there is vignetting of the edges. The lens elements are round not rectangular or square. At the edges of the frame there is some darker circles related to the lens. This is inherent to the lens and people spend serious money on super lenses to avoid this defect. And then there are those folks who add this effect in Photoshop. The ‘vignette’ is another way to enhance the central subject. As to the ‘rule of thirds’ imagine how different the image would be with the cross in the center of the image?


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