Technical: Kodachrome slide in the time before the flood, just kidding

This is a good friend. I spent a weekend scanning old slides for Susan. She reads my blog. So we scanned Kodachromes for a couple days. On the last day I scanned this slide of graduation day. I didn’t do much to tweak the software scan.

The image is soft probably because of the camera/lens. The colors from so many years ago are really pretty good. There is not much fading in the Kodachrome colors after years of storage. The storage conditions were in a house without particular care except as usual.

The photographer was, I believe, was Kevin’s dad. He put Kevin squarely in the center of the photo. And he failed to notice the woman in the foreground [Kevin’s mom?]. The best focus is on Kevin. So the background is slightly out of focus. The depth of field is shallow. The image could be cropped and eliminate the foreground distraction. You can’t crop a slide conveniently. But since it’s digitized anything is possible. Once again this decades old slide is well preserved. And the old guy in the picture almost looks the same.


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