Gus Sticking His Tongue Out

Technical: Nikon D300S, 1/250, f18, Focal length 38

“Hang in there, man.” Amy’s cat Gus is a curious cat that hates to be ignored. So during a product shoot, why not just jump right in? So he did. Great shot – great pet shot. Too bad Gus stole the show. Hey, it’s a way to make the product more interesting. No cats were harmed making this picture.

A point to be made here is in discussing the background. It’s a standard white background chosen by Amy and her client to show the product without any clutter or distraction. It’s just the product. When photographing a subject, we often focus on the loved one (yes, even cat) and tend to forget the background. And if your camera in on ‘auto’ then the depth of field setting is chosen by the camera’s computer. It will tend to make the background more in focus by choosing a larger f-stop. So I suggest that the f-stop be set to a smaller number to decrease the focus on the background. Remember to focus on the eyes. If you can’t change the f-stop, move the subject away from the background. And also remember that the contrasting background (white) is important to make the subject stand out. Dark hair on a dark background or light hair against a light sky will tend to blur the distinction of the hairline in a picture.

Orange fur on a white background is good contrast for Gus. Amy got the eyes in focus partly by using an f-stop of 18. But the background has no focus. So Amy can use this large f-stop helps with the focus on Gus’s eyes.


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