School Events

Technical: Nikon D90 1/125sec, f3.5, ISO 800, focal length 18mm, flash fired

Susan emailed: Sending you a “Forward” that I sent to Abigayle after bringing cookies and reading her favorite “MiMi Books” to her class for her turn to be Star of the Week!  The photos are not the best but they tell a story.

Big Story is WHO showed up at Abigayle’s special day!     The Funky Chicken that you guys brought to Scott’s Wedding…..way…way back!  A big hit especially with Abi!

Yeah, the funky chicken! So the first image is not a keeper. I have lots of pictures from behind. Hard to trash them, but out they must go. Here’s where you have to move around to the front. It’s often hard to do in a cramped space without disturbing the kids’ rhythm. Waiting a moment until they are use to you and ignore you is the way to go.

Technical: Nikon D90 1/100sec, f3.5, ISO 800, focal length 18mm flash fired

In the second image Abby moves to the foreground. Perfect. You want her (primary subject) to be distinct. This works.

Technical: Nikon D90 1/125sec, f3.8, ISO 800, focal length 22mm, flash fired

Vertical composition. It’s not used often enough. It’s the right way to go here. Whole body and off to the side cropping – good.

Technical: Nikon D90 1/60sec, f5, ISO 800, focal length 65mm, flash fired

And the funky chicken. This stuffed animal has been around a long time. It’s held up rather well.

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