Technical: Nikon D90 1/125sec, f5.6, ISO 220, focal length 56mm

Susan’s granddaughter Matilda. A snowy day is grey. The fill flash makes the colors ‘pop.’ You could do this in Photoshop. Grey scale the image and then color back Matilda. Susan didn’t do this here. The colorful subject against the grey background shows you that the fill flash works up close and will not expose the whole scene. In other words don’t go to the stadium and expect to use your flash on your favorite team down on the field. The next time you see all the flashes going off at the Superbowl….or during this summer’s Olympic games… I love the cropping on this shot with the negative space to Matilda’s right. It’s something I’ve been experimenting with too. Something else to try is closer cropping. But this is swell and really perfect here.

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