New York Harbor

Technical: iPhone 4

Apple says that this is a better camera. I guess that it can be. But everything has a purpose and the primary function of an iPhone is to be a phone. The image capture here is also subject to the limitation of the camera and technology. The brightness of the sun exceeds the capacity of the dynamic range to expose the scene properly. So you end up with a bright spot and underexposure of the rest of the scene. Detail is lost. The human eye is able to compensate so that the buildings are not so underexposed in real life. And … one should never look directly into the sun. The lens of the eye is like a magnifying lens which focuses the sun beam on the retina and will burn it. Jennifer did get a nice shot especially since the iPhone is her primary camera. The sun is not centered but the horizon is almost midline.

2 thoughts on “New York Harbor

  1. Advanced Photography did a post on getting iPhone images. There are quite a few apps out there that help solve the dynamic range issue somewhat. The photo tips on the site were useful too. I think the iPhone takes pretty nice images considering its size. One of my best sunsets was with the iPhone. The image above is quite beautiful and has a wonderful mood.

    • When you consider that the iPhone can take a very decent 4mb picture, shoot video, video conference, face time, surf the ‘net, and even talk back to you, it’s a pretty amazing device. Why then, do I even bother with a camera? I admire the versatility of the iPhone. I’m just not a convert yet. All my family is on iPhone and it is currently my son’s primary camera. I’ll post a great tip on the ‘sunset’ mode – scheduled 4/13. Meanwhile, I have to upgrade my phone – manditory from AT&T. I have been debating iPhone and am still resistant.

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