Jumping 1

Technical: Nikon D300S 1/60 sec, f3.5, ISO 200, focal length 24mm, flash

Philippe Halsman a portrait photographer in the 1950’s asked celebrities to jump during his photo sessions. It produced pictures of surprising spontaneity and unguarded moments.

So in homage we tried to do this one day in December 2011. We were at the chocolate fair in Manhattan. The organizers had set up a red carpet type background for their celebrities. Near the end of the day it was quiet and relatively empty. We goofed around and tried to act like celebrities – not. And then I got the idea to jump. Since it was my idea I had to participate while cousin Amy with the ‘real’ camera did the shots. She favors wide angle. And she is adept at ‘on the fly’ adjustments. She snapped off this series upon which I will comment.

We were in tight quarters in this enclosed space and we were trying to stay out of the way of the passing crowd. Amy was too close and out of focus. We were cropped too closely to get the effect. Everyone was not seen within the shot. Nice try but we knew this had to be done again.


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