Image Adjustment

Susan sent me this picture from her smartphone taken last August at the Lobster festival in Maine. It’s a great shot but certainly limited due to the camera. It’s a tiny lens. Yes I know that there are more pictures from phones on flickr than all the other digital cameras combined. It’s just that there isn’t a lot to work with. So to start it was a tiny 49k file. I enlarged it gradually increasing size by 10% each time to get to a file size of 266k and 8×10 image size. The levels and some dodging in Photoshop. It took away some of the blue cast and got some of the other elements better exposure. There is a vignette created by the lens. It is that blurred area all around the edge of the image. Not for nothing, but Susan, did you really have to use a smartphone? And if so, at least have the decency to get an iPhone. Julia, Lisa and David now have one. They are having a ball.


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