Image Stack

Technical: unknown. Image processed

Cousin David wrote, “I tried focus stacking yesterday.  Lens was 60 mm set at F2.8 to minimize depth-of-field.  According to an online calculator, DOF = ~2 mm.  Software was CZM and result came out a bit artificial, probably because I was overzealous and had a bigger than necessary stack of photos (1 photo per mm forward).  Barcode looking strips on the left and top are artifacts from stacking.  Since I moved a total of 10 cm forward, I find this freeware rather remarkable.  I should have taken a reference shot at F16 (2 stops faster than F32?) for comparison.”  David

David, you’re beyond my technical ability now. What a nice photo! The focus on the flower is hard to appreciate till you look at the leaf on the right. With shallow depth of field the whole leaf would not be in focus. Bar code is not noticeable in the image that I see. You should try HDR (high dynamic range). For landscape and buildings, this is very interesting. Since you are so patient and are willing to do more with a tripod this would be a natural progression. I seem to recall that we talked about a good tripod. I believe that you have a solid one and should stick with it. I also saw that Barnes and Noble sold a pinhole camera book/kit. I would have sent it to you, but it uses film. And who knows what that is any more?


One thought on “Image Stack

  1. Hi Victor: I use a Manfrotto 190XPROB tripod with a ball head. I have not done much HDR because auto bracketing for Canon is limited to 3 shots (5 for Nikon?). On the plus side, I can program a custom button to take -2, 0, +2 shots at 8 fps after a 2 sec delay so tripod is not absolutely needed for HDR. So glad to see that Grandma and Grandpa are doing well 🙂 David

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