This spectacular vine, or root, actually I’m not sure which, is in a neighbor’s yard (well, a stranger’s garden–to tell the truth…. I couldn’t help myself).  My problem is I don’t know quite how to “get it.”…

This was posted and a request for help was made. It’s hard to know where to start. Exposure is too dark in the shadows. This leaves the hole in the curve of the vine black. Perhaps flash. Perhaps photoshop. The vine is monotone. It might work as a black and white conversion. What is the interest? Is it color, line, curve, or texture. If you macro up more you lose the sense of the size of the vine. The composition of the image leaves you with the dark hole about centered in the image. Working the curved vine so that it leads the viewer’s eye into the picture would be less static.

You don’t need the whole width of the vine to be showing. If there were just a portion included, it would show the thickness of the vine. The viewer can surmise the rest. Showing the whole of the vine is a common mistake. It assumes that the viewer can’t understand the concept here. If you think about good images, many are detail shots and let the viewer imagine what’s missing.

Finally, exposure consideration. I would think about a well exposed (shadows) image in HDR, with the front to back of the vine finely focused. Put the dark opening off center at the ‘rule of thirds’ intersection. There is not enough image to work with to try to illustrate. Fortunately it’s a good subject that’s not going to move anytime soon. Try, try again.



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