Reflection II

Technical: Canon EOS 7D, 1/4 sec, f110, ISO 800, focal length 126mm, no flash

Another long exposure and a wonderful image capture. David hasn’t filled me in, but I think that the reflection is a woman’s face. I hesitate because I don’t want him to be in trouble over a relative’s portrait. The rest of the image is framed well and supports the main subject. Well done. This shot is a little tricky because it combines still life, the glass and background, with a subject that is standing still but is moving a bit, however imperceptibly. This is not easy. I would shoot multiples of this in order to have one shot that is ideal. I presume that a tripod was used. It makes things a bit easier. (See comment from David)

1 thought on “Reflection II

  1. Hi Victor: The photos are of china cabinet glass showing reflections of TV. At the time, the show was variety talk show from Taiwan. Took me a while to adjust the tripod to frame the TV while without losing the reflection. Thanks. David

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