Morning Glory ‘Retake’


Technical Canon EOS 7D, 1/250 sec, f11, ISO 400, focal length 60mm

David did a ‘retake’ of morning glory that I posted 11/7/11. Wow! Good job. The backlighting through the blossom is great. The pistil is focused perfectly and it is off center. The depth of field is very shallow making the stem of the pistil blur nicely. The exposure is a little dark, which creates a vignette effect to further emphasize the point of interest. The lines of the petal add to lead the eye toward the center. It’s a very good effort. David had emailed and said this was a lot harder to do because the blossom was moving in the breeze. Well done.


Technical Canon EOS 7D, 1/250 sec, f11, ISO 400, focal length 60mm

The second image is also good but I think that you can see the difference that cropping does. The defects in the petals are also distracting. You could Photoshop the blemishes. Another thing to notice is the depth of field. If you look at this image it is flat. The blurred background is pleasing but it doesn’t help the flower. It is flat and two-dimensional. I realize that all flat images are that way. But the goal is to make the viewer feel as though there is a three dimensional quality. (Maybe 3D TV and pictures will one day be a reality.) For now 3D is an illusion. The pistil in this image is also blurred but the effect is not noticeable enough to give the image depth. Looking at the first image, all the elements give you a sense of 3-dimension, the curved lines, the vignette, and the shallow focus. I think you would agree it makes a good image great. Even though I suggested changes, your execution was outstanding and I congratulate you.


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