Technical: Nikon D90, 1/200 sec, f10, focal length 36mm,

This is a nice tightly cropped photo. The viewer’s eye can concentrate on the details. There are two things to notice. She used a fill flash. This is good because Matilda is in shadow with a bright backlight that would possibly make her face too dark. The exposure is very even and there is good detail in her face. The sky and beach behind her are not too bright and retain some detail. The second thing is that there is wide angle distortion. With a wide angle lens too close to the subject you can see that Matilda’s hands and feet are disproportionately small compared to her head. And, the top of her head is lager than her face. I like this picture for the color and the exposure. So, the distortion was not immediately noticeable till I point it out. Now the body disproportion is all that you can focus upon. To avoid this problem, back up with the camera. As you move back you will lessen the wide angle effect. You could stand away and zoom in to capture the detail but your distortion will not be so noticeable.

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