The number of iPhone photos on Flickr is more than all the other images taken with dedicated cameras combined. So for me to ignore these images would be unfair. There are devotees to the quality of the image and there are apps to manipulate and process the images in the phone. Then you’re ready for instant transmission to the world. This was taken in a small conference room at the hospital. The closeness of the subject to lens gives you a wide-angle distortion. The closest subject is larger and disproportionate to the people to the left of the image. Posing could have been tighter. If the subjects had turned to a ¾ pose the clothing would have looked tidier. The cake was well placed to get the idea across. This was another snapshot memory. You otherwise don’t have a picture if you don’t have your phone. This is good or bad but more and more a fact of life. I’m glad one of our nurses got the shot.


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