Morning Glory


To start things: My cousin David probably did not plan on being the subject of my first post and if he will permit, I will use this picture. He says that he used a point and shoot style camera.

Technical Panasonic DMC 257, 1/30 sec, f3.3, ISO 100, focal length 4.1, no flash, patterned meter

Morning glory. Good composition. Your flower is near 1/3 grid line at one of the so called interest points. It is off center to the picture which is good. You balance the leaves nicely in the remaining space. You could crop more to get rid of some of the background. The image holds the viewer’s eye to the subject you are showing. The focus is soft. Low light, shallow depth of field doesn’t help. Light tends to be blue as the light fades or the subject is in shadow. You can compensate for color balance in camera or in post-process. I post process for this in Photoshop. Soft focus – I would have liked the leaves to be focused better. The center of the flower is too bright and not focused. The pistil is the focal point. It needs better exposure and focus. I like the black part of the background. It lends tension. If you had taken several images and experimented in camera with cropping and focus point and placement 1/3’s, you would probably reject this image when you edited. It’s why I shoot multiple images and then take the best one. You should consider this when your still life permits. The rule of thirds will come up again and again and I will mention this later and in other posts.


1 thought on “Morning Glory

  1. David my cousin emailed:
    Hi Victor:

    Of course you are welcome to use my photos in your blog. Cool! For both
    photos, I’ve used Nikon Capture NX to reduce brightness and increase
    contrast a bit. We had a storm and morning glory was destroyed and I could
    not do a re-take.

    I will send you hummingbird photos after I get home. Thanks.


    So, with that he’s in and we’re live.

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